Company culture

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Company culture

Corporate Vision: Let all brand home furnishings have the presence of Yingda Hardware

Corporate mission: Maximize the interests of customers, and work with the team to grow and win together

Corporate values: customer, employee, and enterprise cooperation, create brilliance together

Entrepreneurship: teamwork, win-win, thanksgiving, sharing

Corporate philosophy: integrity, innovation, employees are partners



Family culture-let the team be relatives

The title of intimacy narrows the distance of the soul

Use warm hugs for new communication

"Revolutionary friendship" established by birthday parties/ dinners/ K songs/ sports

Go forward together in sharing

Find common value in gratitude

Your business is our business



PK culture-Let competition be everywhere

Let employees grow through learning (training mechanism)

Let team members witness the miracle together (public commitment)

Give employees the best incentive (awarding event)



Filial piety culture

Always ask for it from you, but never say thank you!

I didn't know that you were not easy until I grew up!


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Yingda will never stop the pace of exploration and development,hand in hand with domestic and foreign partners to achieve common development and win-win.


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